Free Patterns by Night Spirit Studio

To download these files, you will need a Google account. You can also find all these patterns in the files of my Facebook group: Night Spirit Studio's Crumbling Castle.

✧ The Furbo Nightcrawler ✧
Inspired by this Furby/ Fresno Nightcrawler hybrid.

✧ Blood Moth ✧
Blood Moth

✧ Plague Nurse ✧
Plague Nurse

✧ The Raven ✧
The Raven

✧ Self Isolating Bat ✧
Self Isolating Bat

✧ I Lapdance for Satan ✧
(Includes both red and pastel versions)
I LapDance For Satan

✧ Just One More Page ✧
Just One More Page

✧ Dumpster Fire ✧
(Includes English and French "C'est La Vie" versions)
That's Life / C'est La Vie

✧ Hell Was Boring ✧
Hell Was Boring

✧ Trans Witchcraft ✧
Trans Witchcraft

✧ Black No. 1 ✧
A Type O Negative pattern for all the little ghouls who grew up to be fabulous goth baddies because of this song.
Her perfume smells like... Burning leaves..

✧ Pumpkin Spiced Skeleton ✧
Pumpkin Spiced Skeleton

✧ Devil Red ✧
A Devil Red Lipstick Pentagram

Please note that some of these designs are older. My artistic and pattern making skills have increased dramatically over the past few years, so please don't judge me on my ancient creations.